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courage, confidence and connection workshops for girls in Melbourne. Our workshops explore:






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We are located in Berwick, Victoria

  • What are the benefits?

    Our workshops provide participants with improved confidence and the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to navigate friendships, love themselves unconditionally, and overcome challenges. Our young girls will have a better understanding of who they are, what strengths they possess, and an appreciation for the things that make them unique.

  • Who facilitates the workshops?

    Our workshops are run by qualified instructors with multidisciplinary backgrounds in human services, health and education. All facilitators have First Aid Training, a Working With Children Check and a Police Check.

  • What are your child safe practices?

    Child safe practices are central to what we do. We recognise that there will be circumstances where You Glow Girl workshops may bring up difficult emotions and experiences for some participants. In line with best practice, we provide warm referrals to relevant services where needed. As we engage in child-related work we are also bound by the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

  • What is the curriculum based on?

    Our curriculum combines positive psychology practices with a focus on growth mindset and strength based principles. It also includes best practice teaching drawn from Daring Way Classrooms by Dr Brené Brown and Girl Power training by Joni Combes.

  • What age group are the workshops designed for?

    Our workshops are designed for primary school-aged kids (8 to 11 years). We often refer to this age group as “tweens”. Tweens are a unique cohort and arguably, are often “missed” in traditional programming. They are in a developmentally tricky space - too “old” for a lot of primary-based programs and too “young” for adolescent initiatives. Furthermore, there is a tendency in Australia to only intervene with children this age in a “crisis response mode” (ARACY 2008) rather than in a proactive way. You Glow Girl has been designed with a strengths-based approach, to allow young girls to explore their identities in an engaging and supportive environment.

    We also offer a "Little Glow Girl" (6 to 8 years) program for younger participants. With Little Glow Girl, we recognise the unique developmental needs of younger children, and a program has been developed with this in mind. Let me know if you would like more details on Little Glow Girl.

We have so much fun and the girls love dancing and participating in the art, craft, drama and important discussions we have throughout the day. Please check out our kind words from parents and the Glow Girls that have attended previously!

Syndi Bio Pic You Glow Girl

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor Community Mental Health AOD
  • Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF)
  • Certified Girl Power Instructor
  • Undertaking Associate Degree Education VET
  • Victoria Approved

    working with children check

  • Police Check

    Current and up to date



My name is Syndi Grambau, I am the founder of Embrace - Emotional Wellness Centre. Our wellness center focuses on empowering young girls, tweens, and adult women in our community to feel, empowered and inspired. I am multi-passionate and have dual careers. I am an educator, speaker, certified mental health support worker, group facilitator, wife, and parent to two amazing daughters.

After completing my Bachelor of Community Mental Health (Alcohol & Other Drugs) I couldn’t wait to open my own practice. For 14 years, I have worked with local community mental health organisations. The experience I gained from this sector inspired me to focus on human heart work with women and girls. I wanted to provide a space for girls, teens, and women to embrace their imperfections, find their inner confidence, build their courage, and know they are worthy of love and belonging despite their individual situations.

In 2020, I faced a number of challenges with my daughters during the peak of COVID-19. We struggled with mental health, anxiety, and the impacts of social media. I knew this situation was not unique to my family. Anecdotally, I was hearing from other families that were also struggling with the impacts of CoVid and social media, and this was being observed and commented on around the world. For example, research released in 2021,
from the Millennium Cohort Study (UK) revealed that heavy social media use was linked to negative well-being and self-esteem, with more girls in the study experiencing feelings of depression and hopelessness.

Despite these worrying trends, I could see a big gap in services to support primary-aged school girls and their wellbeing, particularly as they begin the transition to early adolescence and high school. There was clearly a broader need to provide a program that intervenes early and that tackles some of these issues head-on, but in a way that empowers young girls in the process.

Excitingly, I completed the Girl Power Training by Joni Combes in December of 2020. This training gave me valuable insights into positive psychology practices. I then adapted my love of Daring Classrooms by Dr Brené Brown and drawing from this impressive methodology, developed “You Glow Girl”.

The You Glow Girl program includes a full-day workshop encompassing positive psychology principles, with a focus on evidence-based growth mindset approaches. We then embed this learning through dance, art, craft, drama, and vibrant discussions. Our core topics are Identity, Strengths, Positive Friendships, Managing Friendship Issues, Resilience & Growth mindset, Mindfulness, and Gratitude practice. I have referenced each topic with learning outcomes throughout this booklet. In addition to You Glow Girl, I also offer counselling and group programs to teens and adult women based on the Daring Way curriculum developed by Dr Brené Brown.

I am truly honored to do this work and teach young girls that they can absolutely do hard things, they have the power to choose a growth mindset and blossom into confident, kind, assertive, and brave young women.

I would love to see your Miss Glow Girl at one of our upcoming workshops. As always please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


Syndi Grambau

Our Values


    Encouraging, supporting, and treating each person with kindness and role modeling these behaviours through every interaction. Showing empathy, understanding, compassion, transparency, and sincerity always.


    Being brave and understanding that we are resilient. We can do hard things AND we do hard things. Courage is contagious. Embracing the things, we can change and letting go of the things that we cannot often requires courage.

  • I N T E G R I T Y

    Acting with honesty, sincerity, and transparency at all times and always choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy. Treating each person as an individual while maintaining confidentiality, openness, respect, and fairness.

  • I N C L U S I V E

    Engaging with each person as an equal and respecting the diversity of our clients, colleagues, and the community that we engage and interact with. A commitment to embracing individuality and creating an inclusive environment so all people have the belief that they have value and the right to belong.

Kind Words from our Parents

“My daughter has already said she wants to attend the next holiday session and when I asked her what she would tell someone who wasn’t sure if they should attend or not, her response was “You should go because it is really fun, the teacher (Syndi) is really nice, and you get to learn lots about friendship and yourself!”


“My daughter went to the glow workshop and even though she was nervous at the start she felt comfortable for me to go because Syndi was so inviting and friendly. After the session my daughter wouldn’t stop talking about it and all the things they had done. We will be keen to attend another one!”


“Emily said she had a fun happy-filled day – she really enjoyed it….. she said she liked it all and enjoyed meeting new girls. I think its a great day – gets them interacting and taking learning new strategies…. boosts confidence.”


“The workshop today sounded amazing. All the topics are just what Mia needed reinforcement on.

l love that you can show and instill important wellbeing information to young girls in fun ways that they can remember with great memories.”


“Thanks for such an awesome program Syndi. My daughter absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go again! She couldn’t stop talking about all the fun she had, and heaps of activities and dancing thanks so much!”


Excitingly our You Glow Girl Workshops are facilitated in January, April, July, and September School Holidays - Sign up today for all the exclusive sparkly details!

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